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Because Water Matters — Since 1988

We have a vision of New Mexico’s rivers and streams running so clear and clean that you can bend a knee to the water, cup your hands, and drink without fear.


In The Spotlight

2019 Amigos Bravos Annual Report

Click the link to read about our accomplishments in protecting and restoring New Mexico's waters and watersheds.

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Map of Otter Sightings in New Mexico

A reintroduction plan for river otters in the upper Rio Grande was implemented in October 2008 by New Mexico Friends of River Otters. These lovable creatures were a native species in New Mexico until their populations were wiped out due to overhunting in the 1950s. NM Friends of River Otters is a coalition of community-based environmental and wildlife o…

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A Win for Clean Water!

“We are pleased that EPA has finally taken action to protect New Mexicans’ public health and environment and require that these toxic discharges be controlled and monitored,” said Rachel Conn, projects director with Amigos Bravos. “Regulating and controlling these toxic discharges will protect the drinking water sources for both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.”  
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The Rio Fernando Watershed Based Plan (Final and approved by EPA)

Thank you for your comments! They wrere incorporated and the EPA. approved that version in late March 2020. The Rio Fernando Watershed Based Plan, focused on restoring the river from it's E. coli  impairment, has been many years in the making. Many of you attended public meetings and have offered your knowledge and land to the project. Thank you for you…

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Free Green Infrastructure Guide

This Green Infrastructure Guide, put together by Amigos Bravos and the Environmental Law Institute, provides a step-by-step process that local governments can use to integrate community input into their green infrastructure projects. It starts with a review of the benefits of involving the public in the decision-making process. It then sets out eight steps t…

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