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Please Tell the EPA Their "Dirty Water Rule" Stinks!

Public Comments Being Accepted Until April 15, 2019: Please speak up for clean water and healthy wetlands.


On February 14th, the EPA published their proposed Waters of the US Rule (we are calling it the “Dirty Water Rule”) in the federal register, starting a 60-day comment period. This rule would strip Clean Water Act protections from streams that do not flow year round and from any wetland that is not directly connected to a stream that flows year round. Clean Water Act protections protect our waterways from discharges of pollutants and from dredging or filling of wetlands. Clean Water Act protections also provide funding sources for watershed restoration. We believe that this ill-conceived rule impacts New Mexico's waters more than anywhere else in the country because:
1.    Over 90% of New Mexico streams are ephemeral or intermittent, meaning that they only flow for part of the year.
2.    New Mexico is one of 3 states nationwide that doesn’t have a State administered Clean Water Act permitting program (EPA still writes our permits). 
3.    Most of our wetlands here in New Mexico are not connected to streams that flow year round.
This proposed “Dirty Water Rule” is meant to replace the Obama Administration’s 2015 “Clean Water Rule”. Unfortunately, EPA is indicating that they are unlikely to grant a comment period extension on the proposed rule, meaning there is not much time to engage effectively on the rule.
Please take some time to SEND IN A COMMENT now.
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