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Please Comment Now on the Carson Forest Plan!

The Carson National Forest is now taking comments on their draft Forest Plan. Add your input on how the Carson will be managed over the next 30 years! Click HERE and submit a comment! If possible please add your own words to this prepared language. Alternatively you can send your comment separately. Additional information is below, including issue specific information and fact sheets. 

The Carson National Forest (CNF) is currently in the process of revising its existing 1986 Forest Plan. This updated plan will provide strategic direction to guide the management of forest resources and a framework for decision making on site-specific projects and activites. 

SEND COMMENTS TO: Carson National Forest
ATTENTION: Forest Plan Revision Process
208 Cruz Alta Road Taos, NM 87571
(you can send an email or a regular mail comment - either works!)

General Public Comment Guidelines: Amigos Bravos is asking people in the Northern New Mexico area to voice their concerns about the proposed Carson National Forest management plan. There are three areas of particular concern to us: Wild and Scenic Rivers, Wetland Jewels and the Valle Vidal. Download a CARSON PLAN FACTSHEET to learn more about how to comment generally on these three issues. 

Wild and Scenic Rivers: Please take the time to voice you opposition to the Forest Service's proposal to remove Wild and Scenic River Act protections from 62 RIVER SEGMENTS on the Carson National Forest. More information: WILD AND SCENIC FACTSHEET and a OUTSTANDINGLY REMARKABLE VALUES FACTSHEET

We have created a sample letter (click to access the letter) to help you voice your concerns about these areas, which you may use as a template to write your own more personalized letter. Ideally, we would like you to make your letter as personal as possible.  Talk about your values, experiences, and hopes for these areas. For example, you might want to share stories about personal experiences you have with the river or area, specific data points if you have them, or mention special geologic features that attract wildlife and/or add historical and/or recreational value to the rivers and areas.

In short, share anything that that will help make the case for their continued protection. Be specific in detailing the times, places, and experiences you have had. Document your comments, if you desire, with photos. Keep your letter polite, clear, specific, and to the point.

When personalizing your letter to the Forest Service, integrate the following talking points into your comments:

Wild and Scenic Rivers: Tell the Forest Service that you oppose downgrading Wild and Scenic protections. The Forest Service is proposing to eliminate the Wild and Scenic eligibility status for 62 river segments in the Carson and is proposing to downgrade the classification or remove Outstanding Remarkable Values (ORVs) of other eligible rivers. They are proposing to removing wildlife protections from 37 rivers, recreation protections from 33 rivers, and fish protections from 33 rivers:

37 Rivers Losing Wildlife Protections

33 Rivers Losing Recreation Protections

33 Rivers Losing Fish Protections

Let the Forest Service know that you are concerned abou their new evaluation and that you oppose reversing eligibility and removing protections. Review the list of rivers they are proposing to downgrade and provide river-specific comments about why you feel these rivers should remain eligible. 

Provide information about specific Outstanding Remarkable Values that the river has that are exceptional and rare and therefore warrant protection. 

Wetland Jewels: Let the Forest Service know that you support designating the 10 identified Carson Wetland Jewels as the Management Areas in the new plan with a focus on protecting and restoring thes high priorioty wetlands. Amigos Bravos and the Western Environmental Law Center have identified and documented 10 wetlands in the Carson that hold important watershed and biodiversity values. 

  • Valle Vidal
  • Serpent Lake
  • Rio Santa Barbara
  • Canjilon Lakes
  • Midnight Meadows
  • McCyrstal Creek
  • La Jara Canyon
  • Cruces Basin
  • Brazos
  • Bobcat Pass

We are asking for your help in letting the Forest Service know that you support the inclusion of these areas in their new Forest Service Management Plan for the Carson. You can click here to read more details about Wetland Jewels. (Scroll to Page 2)

The Valle Vidal: First of all, thank the Forest Service for proposing a Valle Vidal Management Area in their proposed plan. The Valle Vidal deserves its own management directives that are distint from the rest of the forest to ensure that the Valle Vidal's unparalleled ecological and social values are protected so that they can continue contributing to the entire region's health and vitality. That said, we ask that you request the Forest Service to prohibit new construction of motorized trails at minimum. 

Join us on October 22nd to learn more and write a comment!

Amigos Bravos along with Trout Unlimited and Defenders of Wildlife will be hosting a Pizza and Community Comment Writing event on October 22nd 2019 from 5-7 at the Kit Carson Electric Co-op Board Room (118 Cruz Alta Rd, Taos). 

In the meantime, if you feel comfortable composing a letter on your own, click here for our template to get you started!

Thank you in advance for your comments!