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Protecting Wetland Jewels in the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests

Take Action Now and Tell the Forest Service to Protect the Carson Wetland Jewels!

The Carson is currently taking comments on their draft forest wide plan components (comment deadline is September 1st). Please take the time and let them know you support protecting Wetland Jewels. Send a comment directly to or click here to send a prewritten comment:

Check out our new Wetland Jewels Story Maps.

Wetland Jewels can be comprised of either a single wetland or a complex of several wetlands occurring in a discrete geographic area of national forest lands. These wetlands provide several important ecological functions to the terrestrial and aquatic landscape.

Story Maps of the Carson Wetland Jewels and the Santa Fe Wetland Jewels are now available. Click on the links and explore the 10 Carson National Forest Jewels and the 12 Santa Fe National Forest Jewels!

Due to their critically important ecological and community role, we have identified Wetland Jewels in the Carson National and Santa Fe National Forests to not only bring attention to their importance, but to secure their long-term protection and restoration.

Ultimately, Wetland Jewels can be used as a tool to build ecological and community resilience in the face of climate change.

By protecting Wetland Jewels across north-central New Mexico's national forests, we do some of the following:

  • create habitat for wildlife provide clean water for downstream communities  
  • mitigate the risk of flooding
  • maintain stream flow essential for irrigation as well as for wildlife and livestock

In the process, we reduce climate impacts such as drought, decreased snow-pack, earlier runoff, and wildfire. Wetland Jewels are a keystone element of action to foster resilient, interconnected, landscape-scale ecological and community systems in New Mexico.

The time is now to protect these Wetland Jewels!

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation public planning process that is explicitly designed to promote social, ecological, and economic sustainability while protecting water resources. It's our hope that the USFS takes advantage of its planning process to protect and, where appropriate, restore Wetland Jewels.

Click on the links to learn more about the Forest Planning Process in Carson and Santa Fe National Forests.