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Management Area Proposal for the Valle Vidal

On February 14, 2017, a land management proposal was submitted to the U.S. Forest Service that focuses on preserving the Valle Vidal's unique water, agriculture, wildlife, educational, and recreational resources for future generations to enjoy. The proposal, submitted as part of the Carson National Forest's Forest Plan Revision Process, was a collaborative effort by a diverse collection of groups and organizations.

The Valle Vidal, or Living Valley, is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico between Cimarron and Costilla. This 100,000-acre gem, donated to the American people in 1982, has never been officially incorporated into the current Carson Forest Plan. This once-in-a-generation Plan Revision Process calls for the establishment of a Special Geographic Area for the Valle Vidal that will update current management practices in this vital Northern New Mexico resource that attracts hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, horseback riders, and wildlife viewers from throughout the state and across the country.

The submittal highlights the importance of restoration to create landscape resilience across the Valle Vidal's rolling open park meadows, lush conifer forests and cold, trout-filled waters. A productive grazing area, The Valle Vidal is an important part of New Mexico's ranching heritage. The area also attracts more than 3,000 campers from the Philmont Scout Ranch each summer to learn outdoor and land stewardship skills. A critical wildlife habitat, the Valle Vidal is home to an array of wildlife including mountain lion, bear, wild turkey, the native Rio Grande cutthroat trout, and one of the state's largest herds of elk.

"The Forest Service will be incorporating the Valle Vidal in the Forest Plan in some form or another during this planning process, said Rachel Conn, Projects Director for Amigos Bravos. "This proposal is about ensuring that it is incorporated in a way that protects and enhances the value that have made the Valle Vidal a beloved part of the Northern New Mexico landscape.”

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