Amigos Bravos

Because Water Matters — Since 1988

We have a vision of New Mexico’s rivers and streams running so clear and clean that you can bend a knee to the water, cup your hands, and drink without fear.


Raise Your Glass For Clean Water!



Join us for Amigos Bravos Night at our new next door neighbor's: Eske's Brew Pub!
Thursday, November 2, 2017
4 -6 pm


Meet us next door at Eske's Brew Pub, get a tour of our new home, then go enjoy dinner and fine craft beer at Eske's. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Amigos Bravos. Tours of the office will be on-going throughout the event, so join us at any time, even 6pm.
This is the first installment of Eske's Non-profit Nights, so be on the look out for more nights where you can support your local non-profits at Eske's!