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Amigos Bravos is Hiring Three Contractors to do On-The-Ground Work for La Jara Wetland Restoration Project

Amigos Bravos, a member of the Rio Fernando de Taos Revitalization Project Collaborative, has recently received a grant through the Rio Grande Water Fund (RGWF). These funds will support the La Jara Wetland Jewel Restoration Project, located in the headwaters of the Rio Fernando de Taos. Amigos Bravos is hiring three contractors to do on-the-ground work related to this restoration project.

1. The First Project is the Restoration of a Headcut (eroded channel)
2. The Second involves Installing 2 miles of a Top-Rail Fence around the Riparian Pasture in the Flechado Allotment
3. The Third Project is to Conduct a Wetland Assessment to Identify Future Restoration Work.

Amigos Bravos staff will review and rank the submitted proposals and develop and finalize contracts so that, weather permitting, work can begin on or before June 1, 2018. Proposals for these projects will need to be submitted by email to Amigos Bravos at by 5:00 pm (MT) March 15th 2018.

A Pre-Bid Site Visit will be held at the worksite on March 5th. We will be using this time to allow contractors to ask questions and receive clarification on any constraints of the job, while being on site. Our goal is to help all possible contractors be clear about our expectations and the scope of work, in order to receive the most accurate bids possible.    1pm will be the meeting for the Fencing Contractors    2pm will be the meeting for the Headcut Repair Contractors as well as the Wetland Assessment and Resoration Inventory Contractors.                                      Email Benjamin at for more details. 

“Our goal is to create resiliency and watershed health in the face of climate change, and one of the best ways to do so is to protect and restore mountain wetlands. Acting like sponges, wetlands store water naturally, then release clean water over time to nourish downstream ecosystems and communities with more consistent stream flows,”
-Rachel Conn, Projects Director for Amigos Bravos.

The revitalization Project is a dynamic collaborative of individuals, organizations, and government entities working to revitalize the RFdT Corridor by improving water quality and ecological function, restoring acequia systems, strengthening working land capacity, and connecting people to the river and its watershed. Thanks to generous contributions made by the LOR Foundation, and the Nature Conservancy, Amigos Bravos is now able to pursue the La Jara Wetland Jewel Restoration Project.