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Add Your Voice to a Mt. Taylor Uranium Mine Public Hearing


Zombie Mine Plans Would Leave Mt. Taylor Half-Dead With Zero Cleanup

Public Comments Needed by May 29, 2018

Mail Comments to: Clerk of the Mining Commission, c/o Mining and Minerals Division

1220 South St Francis Drive, Santa Fe 


Or submit your comments online here: 


The Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment and Amigos Bravos have filed an appeal to a permit issued by the New Mexico Mining Commission that would allow the Mt. Taylor Uranium Mine to return to “active” status, even though its own expert said it wouldn’t produce any uranium. The mine has not produced any uranium since 1990 and has been avoiding cleanup while under “standby” status. When the mine is in active or standby status, cleanup requirements are put on hold. 

It is time to kill this Zombie Mine and demand cleanup now!


This is simply a game to avoid having to start reclamation. By playing, the State is failing in its duties to protect groundwater for future generations. We all stand to loose.

Your input has impact! Join us to demand a safer New Mexico!

All regional Tribes including the 19 Pueblos have declared the land around Mt. Taylor unsuitable for mining activities due to its widespread cultural significance as a sacred site and the unique value of the area's hydrologic resources.

For more information contact: 505.577.8438 or 575.758.3874