Amigos Bravos

Because Water Matters — Since 1988

We have a vision of New Mexico’s rivers and streams running so clear and clean that you can bend a knee to the water, cup your hands, and drink without fear.



Mr. Joseph ("Joe") Zupan, PE, Executive Director

Joe grew up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado, where the traditional family business was a small fruit orchard. For the past twelve years, he held the position of president of an employee-owned full-service environmental, health and safety consulting firm headquartered in Austin, Texas and has worked as an environmental engineer for many years. He had already decided to step down from his role at the consulting firm to seek fresh challenges and opportunities by committing himself to New Mexico and the Taos community by planning a move here with his family at the end of the year. He was very excited to learn of the vacancy at Amigos Bravos as his life-long commitment to environmental stewardship, his expertise in the technical and policy aspects of environmental protection, and his connection to the region make Joe a perfect fit for Amigos Bravos! Email: jzupan (at) amigosbravos (dot) org

Rachel Conn, Projects Director

Rachel is the Projects Director for Amigos Bravos. Rachel works to provide hands-on support to impacted New Mexico communities and watershed groups, review and comment on state and federal water policy issues, and conduct Clean Water Act trainings. Rachel is a leader in the ongoing campaigns to hold Los Alamos National Lab accountable for pollution, restore river otters to New Mexico, protect the Red River from degradation caused by mining and unwise off-road vehicle use, monitor water quality of Taos County watersheds, and advocate for strong water quality standards throughout the state.  Prior to joining the Amigos Bravos staff in 2001, Rachel worked in San Luis CO on mining and water contamination issues and in Boston, MA for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Email: rconn (at) amigosbravos (dot) org

Shannon Romeling, Projects and Foundation Coordinator

Shannon is a full time employee of Amigos Bravos and is responsible for researching, writing, submitting, and tracking proposals and reports regarding grants from foundations, government agencies, and other contractual funders. She is also responsible for writing and/or editing external communications including press releases, membership mailings, action alerts, e-currents, and the annual report, as determined by the Executive Director. She is also responsible for any project related work delegated to her by the ED or Projects Director and for supervising the Membership Assistant. She completed her Master's in Biology at Missouri State University in May, 2012 and wrote her thesis on the effects of wind turbine caused mortality on the future of the federally endangered Indiana bat. Email: sromeling (at) amigosbravos (dot) org

Nina Anthony, Donor and Communications Coordinator

Nina started with Amigos Bravos as the Membership and Communications Coordinator in January 2017. She is primarily responsible for cultivating and managing an engaged membership base, creating and implementing an organization-wide communications strategy, planning and coordinating outreach activities and events and assisting the Executive Director in maintaining communications with major donors. Since graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism, Nina has worked for a variety of advertising and marketing firms and telecommuted for 10 years as a Digital Marketing Manager for an Albuquerque-based economic development nonprofit. Most recently, she served as the Donor and Communications Manager for the Taos Land Trust. A passionate landscape photographer, Nina spends much of her spare time hiking in the mountains and capturing the dramatic natural beauty of northern New Mexico that she loves.
Email: Nanthony (at) amigosbravos (dot) org

Elena Fernandez, Projects Associate

Elena is responsible for a broad variety of duties including assisting project staff on project activities, development and grant writing, administrative duties, and assisting other staff in cultivating and managing an active and engaged membership base; and assisting with outreach activities and events. Email: (at) amigosbravos (dot) org